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mmm...ever good fish!

You can almost taste this deliciously tangy fish,  pan fried in a coating recipe that has been refined over generations.

We're a Specialized Fish Fry Catering Service -  Offering You a Variety of Deliciously Tangy Fish.

Catered Event - Fish and Chips
Plate of Food - Fish and Chips
Man Fishing - Fish and Chips

Catering - We'll cook on site!

Turn any event into a feast with the fish catering services from Chiblow Fish. We'll do everything, or, just do the fish.

Coating - Good on Fish, Chicken and Pork Chops.

Enjoy authentic fish and chip specialties in your own home when you order our fish coating.

Buy fish from us.

Pickeral - 11lb box - $125


About Chiblow Fish

We, Bob and Rhonda operate a small Anishinabek fishery in Northern Ontario; we catch, clean, and cook our own fish in order to maximize the value of our limited harvest. When required, we buy from local Anishinabek fisherman as well. We offer a specialized large volume fish fry catering service. Our fish is usually pan fried in a deliciously tangy coating recipe that has been passed down for generations. You can find us at various summer events, mainly on the pow wow trail. If you have a company, organization, or, family gathering, we can come to you. Hire Chiblow Fish to cater your event, call us to arrange any fish and side dish you desire.

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